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Restricted Access Concrete Pumping in London

Restricted Access Concrete Pumping in London

One of the huge challenges that many contractors face when working in restricted areas in London has to do with pouring a batch of ready mix concrete. In some areas around London and Luton, it can be very difficult to manoeuvre the mixer truck on site so that the concrete is laid in the desired location. In these cases, a concrete pump is fitted onto the truck to allow the mixture to be conveniently transported to the hard to reach areas.

Concrete pumping is the best solution for jobs in which access and time restrictions are an issue. For example, when you are transporting a large volume of wet concrete, the truck will become quite heavy such that it cannot be safely driven across the property. This is because the immense concrete weight could damage your yard or garden. The solution here would be to park beside the property and fit a concrete pump to deliver the contents directly to the project site.

In another scenario, the truck’s size could be an obstacle rather than its weight. Perhaps your project is the backyard and it cannot be easily accessed by a huge truck. Again, here a concrete pump will be an invaluable tool to help you reach the pour site. Other notable scenarios where a concrete pump is necessary includes:

* Where you lack the manpower to use wheelbarrows to transport the concrete from the truck to the desired location

* Where the site is located underground, at height or inside a building

* Where the ground that surrounds the concrete pour area is uneven or unsuitable for wheelbarrows

* Where your construction project is running late and you must get the wet concrete poured as quickly as possible

Types of Concrete Pumps

Before you hire a concrete pump in London, it is important to choose the right type that is best suited for your project. There are two key types of concrete pumps: boom pumps and ground line pumps. Here is a simple explanation of concrete pumps by looking at some of their differences:

Portability and Attachment

A notable difference between line pumps and boom pumps are the accompanying attachments as well as how the pumps are transferred from one site in London to another. In the case of a boom pump, it is directly attached to a semi-trailer or truck whereas a line pump is often mounted onto a trailer or truck. Additionally, a boom pump is a single complete unit, featuring a robotic arm to pour concrete accurately to the desired site. In contrast, a line pump offers more portability and only requires the hoses to be attached manually to the outlet so as to initiate cement pouring.


The boom pump is suited for bigger concrete projects since they can easily pump a high volume of wet concrete continuously. They are used for high rise buildings and huge commercial slabs in London and Luton as well as the surrounding areas. Line pumps are great for restricted access concrete pumping in London for clients with renovations and small construction jobs. They are also useful for swimming pools, sidewalks, residential slabs and bond beams.


Boom pumps are preferred for high-rise construction projects in London as they can reach higher vertical heights. Our 20m boom pump is perfect for residential jobs, while our larger 36m boom pump is perfect for much larger sites that require a high volume of concrete. If you are planning some minor renovation work on a residential property, then our line pump has a 50m horizontal reach. This is perfect for restricted areas where the pipelines can be adjusted as necessary to ensure it reaches the furthest area of the home.

These are just a few of the differences you should keep in mind when choosing your pump for restricted access pumping in London. Overall, your decision will be influenced by your project’s size and accessibility. For smaller residential or commercial jobs, the line pump is more than adequate for your pumping needs. For sites with very tight access, a boom pump is the recommended option, including for bigger commercial jobs.

Regardless of whether you use the boom pump or line pump for your construction project, these mechanical concrete pumping methods are more efficient, precise and faster than the conventional methods of mixing and pouring. Projects that may have been cost prohibitive or impossible with conventional approaches due to restricted access can now be completed with concrete pumping in London.

Benefits of Restricted Access Concrete Pumping in London

The increased accuracy and speed of mechanical concrete pouring is a notable benefit over traditional pouring methods, like using a wheelbarrow. It allows the mixture to set better for higher structural integrity while increasing the overall efficiency of the process. The sheer massive volume of wet concrete that can be pumped mechanically also allows you to ensure that your construction project is completed on time and within budget, as well as with the best structural strength.

Using concrete pumping in London where there is limited access to the property also offers notable labour-saving costs. In a typical construction project, the cost of labour is normally quite significant, and these savings will benefit both the customer and the project. Using a boom pump or line pump to perform tasks that used to take several workers increases your overall efficiency.

Besides helping you reach those hard to reach areas, using a concrete pump is eco-friendlier, allowing you to play your role in preserving the environment. These pumps usually use up less water, thus conserving this important resource. It also improves the general strength of the concrete, which means fewer cracks as well as less shrinkage once the concrete finally cures.

Choose the Right Concrete Pumping Firm

The right concrete pumping firm not only has the best quality equipment, but also the expertise of recommending the most suitable solution based on your distinct project requirements. An experienced firm knows the right pump that would suit your project and also how to handle long pipelines without leaving a huge mess behind. Thus, to avoid slowing your construction or renovation project down, ensure you choose the right concrete pumping company in London, Anytime Pumping Ltd.

If you need a supply of ready-mix concrete supply within the London or Luton areas, please contact us today. We are always happy to provide solutions for areas with challenging access, including all kinds of construction projects ranging from residential to large-scale, commercial projects. You can depend on Anytime Pumping Ltd to provide you highly efficient pumping solutions within your budget and on time. We will ensure that the right strategy is used in your project with exceptional results that are specifically tailored to your needs.


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