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The Benefits of Ready Mix Concrete in London

The Benefits of Ready Mix Concrete in London

The construction industry has conventionally been labour-oriented, with a slow mechanisation pace because of the accessibility to low cost, abundant labour. However, as mega projects demanded the increased quality and speed of construction compatible with global standards, this sector has seen increased mechanisation, with ready mixed concrete as one of the outcomes. Discussed below are some of the benefits you can gain from using ready mix concrete in London.

What is Ready Mix Concrete?

Ready Mix Concrete or RMC refers to concrete that is prepared in a batching plant or factory, based on a certain recipe, before it is delivered to the worksite by in-transit truck mixers. It is an accurate process that guarantees high-quality concrete mixtures, especially speciality concrete to be manufactured and successfully implemented on various construction sites. Most construction sites in London prefer using ready mix concrete over on-site mixing due to the high levels of precision of creating the mixture as well as reduced confusion at the worksite. Other key benefits are as follows:

Time Savings

One of the critical aspects to consider when planning your project is the expected timeframe for completion. In this case, you should factor in the time that will be spent to prepare the concrete that you need for the project. If you were to use the site batch cement mixing approach, then you would need to use more time due to the multiple careful steps, precise formulas and also the long stretch of time that the concrete needs to set properly.

In contrast, ready mix concrete is delivered as a ready to use product. You can arrange to have it delivered just when you need it, thus allowing you to maximize your project’s construction schedule. Furthermore, since the mixture is prepared at a factory under tight quality assurance guidelines, there is no risk of costly time delays due to contaminated or bad concrete. So, if you have a time-sensitive construction project in London, Luton or surrounding areas, then your best bet is to use ready mix concrete.

Greater Precision and Quality Assurance

It is very challenging to control the quality of concrete that is prepared on site for a job. There will often be different workers preparing it while ensuring that the correct water-to-cement ratios are used as well as grading of various aggregates such as sand, crushed stone and gravel. Despite the best attempts, there is always a risk of the concrete not setting appropriately, which means that it will probably be too weak and it could even compromise the overall outcome of the project.

If precision and high quality are critical to the vision of your London construction project, then ready mix concrete is the best solution. This concrete is not only prepared by trained professionals, but the preparation is usually done in a manufacturing site with stringent quality controls in place. This way you can achieve more precise and sophisticated mixtures that you can rely on. Furthermore, the concrete is usually manufactured based on your unique requirements, which means it will integrate better into your project.

Ready Mix Concrete Saves Money

By using high-quality ready mix concrete, you are guaranteed of having a durable, strong and highly resilient final product that will stay in great condition for many years to come. Even though it may require a little cosmetic maintenance over time, but in general, the concrete will be able to withstand extreme temperature changes. This will help in safeguarding your investment over the long term.

The other way in which using ready mix concrete in London saves money has to do with the manufacturing process. In this case, the concrete prepared with little wastage as compared to site mixing, which means significant money savings since the raw materials needed to prepare concrete can be quite costly. Likewise, there are no storage costs necessary when using ready mix solutions, due to the fact that the product is transported and pumped into the specified site.

Provides Better Flexibility

As stated above, the ready-mix concrete is manufactured to the precise customer specifications, which allows for increased flexibility. This means that batches can be

manufactured for use in specific parts of the construction project in London. For example, you could order a batch that is specifically suited building a conventional building foundation, while another unique batch can be prepared for your swimming pool.

For projects that use complicated and curved designs and shapes, ready mix concrete is the most effective solution. This type of concrete is more adaptable to your needs. It can be combined with a broad range of textures, patterns, and colours to create different combinations that can create spectacular effects, which help beautify your project.

Reduces Dependency on Laborers

Labour is necessary when you use on-site mixing, as you need skilled laborers to create the concrete and then transfer it to the desired application site. However, using this process is not only cumbersome but can use up a lot of money, especially if you have to hire extra laborers. Additionally, if you need large amounts of concrete, then you will have to deal with repeated mixing, which makes the process repetitive and time-consuming.

Choosing a ready mix concrete service for your project allows you to cut back on your labour costs. Simply calculate how much volume you need and place your order. The concrete is usually delivered by specialists who can help you in properly applying it to your project. There is also the fact that ready mix concrete is easier to handle and work with on-site in contrast with conventional site mix alternatives.

Environmentally Friendly

Since ready mix concrete in London uses cement in bulk, rather than bagged cement, there is a considerable benefit for the environment with reduced dust pollution. There will also be significant conservation of resources and energy because it does not require increased cement production. Overall, the process of preparing and transporting ready mix concrete is great for the environment as it means reduced air and noise pollution and also reduced consumption of diesel and petrol, which would have been used to deliver a single raw material at a time.


It is clear that using ready mix concrete in London offers multiple advantages, including high quality, money and time savings as well as being environmentally friendly. It is more versatile in that it can be customized to suit different sites and also supports different placing methods. Most importantly, RMC delivers better structure durability with an increased service life and reduced maintenance costs.

If you have decided to use ready mix concrete for your project, why not hire the premier London concrete supplier, Anytime Pumping Ltd? With more than a decade in concrete production and delivery excellence, Anytime Pumping Ltd strives to ensure that the customer’s project is the main priority every day. Whether it is a home renovation project or a huge commercial business project, we are able to deliver the same high-quality concrete in a professional way all the time. If you want to learn more about how our concrete services can help your project, please contact us today and we will be glad to assist you and get the work done right.


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